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Finding Your Inner Wisdom.
A Kabbalistic Tarot reading can help you access your own deeper wisdom to answer a question that concerns you
. It doesn’t predict the future, but it can help you find a clear way forward. A reading can help you explore options and make conscious choices.

Learning Opportunities


Individual or Group Study.
A Kabbalistic approach to Tarot study can open the gates to your inner wisdom and a deeper spiritual connection. If you’re a reader, it can give greater depth to your interpretations. Find out about upcoming workshops or opportunities for individual study. 



The Tarot Kabbalah Connection.
The most popular Tarot deck, the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, was designed to correspond with Qabbalistic teachings, as understood by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. So what’s the difference between Hermetic Qabbala and Jewish Kabbalah?


“Teach us to count our days rightly, that we may obtain a heart of wisdom.”
                                                                                                   —Psalm 90:12