Entering the Gates of Light 1: Introductory Workshop

Gate of Light.jpg

Each of the ten Sephirot is a gateway to the Divine—and these gates are always open to us. In this introductory we’ll explore the Tree of Life and the Sephrotic correspondences with the tarot deck. You’ll learn to do a guided meditation for inner dialog with the cards to interest with these Sephirotic energies. And you will learn a specific prayer to invoke your awareness and deepen your connection to this already present energy.

This workshop, will serve as an introduction to a 12-session class. You can take the introduction only—and if you want to go deeper you can register for the next 11 sessions.

Cost: $100
Date: Fall 2019: Date to be announced
Registration: Fill out the contact form to let me know your interest and I will notify you when the dates are announced.

Entering the Gates of Light 2: Accessing & Balancing the Sephirotic Energies

Over the course of the next 11 sessions we will spend time with each of the Sefirot and its energetic relationship to its partners in the system. You’ll learn how to access them and enter each gateway to embody the qualities of each of the Sephirot through the medium of the tarot deck. And you’ll learn a process to help rebalance Sephirotic energy in your life and relationships.

Working with the cards in this way will help deepen your inner work with them, and help make your readings for others not only an exploration of their question, but an opportunity for healing around the issue in question.

Cost: $900
Date: Winter/Spring 2020: Date to be announced