Kabbalistically Speaking: The Tree of Life Spread.



One of the best-known and least understood spreads is based on the diagram of the Tree of Life. In this workshop you will learn how to use this spread for your own spiritual development and for the benefit of people you read for. 

There will be a brief review of the basic concepts of the Tree of Life and the Sephirotic system as well as a consideration of how the Judaic and Hermetic systems differ and how these differences can affect a reading.

You’ll learn how to use this Sephirotic spread as a Shiviti—a kind of Jewish Mandala for meditation—to create an altered state that opens you to a deeper level of knowing and helps you see meanings and relationships that go beyond the rote meanings of the carts.

This is a hands-on workshop, where you will read for others and for yourself, practice Shiviti meditation and journal.

Cost: $100
Date: To be announced
Duration: 3 hours with a 30 minute break
Registration: Fill out the contact form to let me know your interest and I will notify you when the dates are announced.