Photo by Rachell Morillo

Photo by Rachell Morillo

Mark Horn

Mark Horn is the author of the forthcoming Tarot & The Gates of Light: A Kabbalistic Path to Liberation. He started reading tarot at age 16 and has taken workshops and seminars with many of today’s best-known teachers, including Rachel Pollack, Mary K Greer, Robert Place, Ferol Humphrey and Ruth & Wald Amberstone. He taught a workshop on Kabbalistic Tarot as a Spiritual Path at the 2018 Readers Studio conference in New York. And he has taught Kabbalistic Tarot for Counting the Omer at Romemu, a post-denominational synagogue in New York.

Mark has taught Sacred Storytelling at the Prozdor school of the Jewish Theological Seminary. He has studied Kabbalah with academic, rabbinic and practical teachers in organizations ranging from the highly respected to the highly unorthodox. At NYU he took classes with Professor Elliot R. Wolfson. At Elat Chayyim he studied with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi z’’l. He participated in a private Kabbalah study group with Rabbi Jonathan Omer-Man. He is also a graduate of the Non-dual Kabbalistic Healing program of A Society of Souls.

Myth and sacred story has always been central to his spiritual path, he applies his understanding of the archetypes in sacred stories to the individual spiritual path of clients as they are revealed in readings. 

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