Ethics justice, love goodness and walk humbly with the awareness that you are always in the presence of the One
— Micah 6:8

Kabbalistic Tarot is a part of my spiritual path. It is also in part, my business. And like the symbol of the Star of David, with its interpenetrating triangles, I see spirituality and business in an interpenetrating relationship. It’s a relationship that calls for a considered statement of ethics that takes this complementary relationship into account. This is the code of ethics I bring to my work in Gates of Light Tarot:

Respect & Compassion

Everyone has their own path and their own tradition. Whatever your tradition, you are entitled to respect. You can expect your reading to be free of judgments and an offering of compassion.


You can be sure that what you say to me, stays with me. I do not reveal personal or private information, verbal or written, relating to your reading unless you give informed, written consent.


However, please be aware that the law does not recognize the privacy of a client relationship in the same way it does for the medical, legal or psychological professions—or the privilege of confidentiality expected when speaking with a cleric. So, I make an exception to this rule if called before a court of law to give evidence that touches on information shared in a reading. Additionally, if I believe it is necessary to reveal information to prevent substantial bodily harm or death, I will do so. Last, I may disclose partial information that protects a client’s anonymity for academic or research purposes.  

Tarot reading is not a science—it is an interpretive art that is a collaborative process between the client and reader. I promise that I will read to the best of my ability and if I find that I am unable to interpret something I will say so directly.


My goal is to help you make more spiritually empowered decisions for yourself within the framework of your own personal spiritual beliefs or practices. And as noted elsewhere on this site, I do not predict the future—you are the agent of change in your life. As Rabbi Akiva said, “freedom of choice is given.” Ultimately, the choices and decisions you make are your responsibility, and that’s a good thing. 


There is no organization that licenses Tarot readers. You can read about my education in my bio. And you should know that I believe education in this field never ends—I am always learning more and bringing new insights to my work with Tarot. There are some teachers and organizations that offer certification related to tarot practice, but no such certification is in any way necessary.

On Qualifications

I will never pressure, compel, or even imply that additional paid services are needed after the reading.

No Pressure

I make no claims to tell fortunes or predict the future, so I will never guarantee an outcome, positive or negative. Rabbi Akiva said that “all is foreseen,” but not by me. That belongs to the Divine. I do not offer and will not respond to requests remove curses or exorcise spirits—I have no supernatural knowledge or power. Aside from the fact that offering such services is illegal, it isn’t what I do. I do not offer medical, legal or financial advice. If I think a client needs such services I will say so, and may make a referral to a respected licensed professional in that field without any remuneration from that professional. 

Adherence to the Law

I do not read for minors—anyone under the age of 18. If a client asks for multiple readings on the same issue in a short period of time, I will refuse service: my goal is your empowerment and independence. If I believe a client is using tarot readings to substitute, and not merely supplement, counseling from a qualified mental health professional, I will refuse subsequent reading requests from the client and to refer the client to seek qualified mental professional support. That said, tarot readings may be used as a supplement to qualified counseling or serve the function of life coaching or spiritual guidance. I reserve the right to refuse clients who are belligerent, under the influence of substances at the time of the reading, or who are in a state of heightened emotions. If I refuse service for a reading, the fee for that service will be returned.

Refusal of Service

I do not provide readings about the personal affairs, business, intentions, mental faculties, or activities of third parties who are not present for the reading. I will provide readings that inquire into how a client’s affairs, business, intentions, mental faculties, or activities might be affected by a third party.

Third Party Readings

I am fortunate indeed to have studied with great teachers, and I have been blessed to read for clients who have given me their trust. In fact, my clients are also my teachers. I am grateful to them all.