... this thing is very close to you, in your mouth and in your heart...
— Deuteronomy 30:14

The answers are already within you.
A Kabbalistic Tarot reading can help you get in touch with your deepest inner wisdom.

Private Readings

Kabbalistic tarot is a tool to help you seek answers within. It can help you access your own hidden wisdom so that you are better able to see a situation with objectivity. It enables you to make your own decisions how to best handle a situation, whether it’s a spiritual issue or a practical life question. Because Kabbalistic tarot a tool to access your inner wisdom, working with it is also path for self-discovery. As a reader, I use the cards to help guide you to that inner wisdom. This means while you have a question for the cards, when I am reading them, I will have questions for you. It is an interactive process, with the cards guiding me to

Readings last from 45-60 minutes
Cost: $90. Students/Seniors: $50

How to schedule a reading
Readings are available in person in New York City.
I am not offering phone, email or video readings at this time.
To book a reading, please fill out the contact form.
Please list several possible dates and times. Weekday evenings and weekends are the best times.